ECE 5554 / ECE 4554: Computer Vision Fall 2018

Class Schedule

Date Topic Lectures Reading and Links Assignments
Aug 21 (Tuesday) Introduction to Computer Vision [PPT] [PDF]
Interpreting Intensity
Aug 23 (Thursday) Light, Shading, and Color [PPT] [PDF] S2.2 (light)
S2.3.2 (color)
Aug 28 (Tuesday) Image Filters in Spatial Domain [PPT] [PDF] S3.2 (linear filtering)
S3.3 (non-linear filtering)
Aug 30 (Thursday) Image Filters in Frequency Domain [PPT] [PDF] S3.4 (fourier transforms)
S2.3.3 (compression)
Sep 4 (Tuesday) Templates and Image Pyramids [PPT] [PDF] S3.5.2 (image pyramids)
S8.1.1 (pyramid alignment)
HW 0 due Mon
Sep 6 (Thursday) Edge and Binary Image Analysis [PPT] [PDF] S4.2
Correspondence and Alignment
Sep 11 (Tuesday) Interest Points [PPT] [PDF] S4.1
Sep 13 (Thursday) Feature Tracking and Optical flow [PPT] [PDF] S4.1.4
S8.1, S8.4
Sep 18 (Tuesday) Fitting and Alignment [PPT] [PDF] S6.1 and S2.1 HW 1 due Mon
Sep 20 (Thursday) Object instance recognition [PPT] [PDF] S14.3.2
Perspective and 3D Geometry
Sep 25 (Tuesday) Camera Models [PPT] [PDF] S2.1.5
Sep 27 (Thursday) Single-view Geometry and Calibration [PPT] [PDF]
Oct 2 (Tuesday) Image Stitching [PPT] [PDF] S9 HW 2 due Mon
Oct 4 (Thursday) Epipolar Geometry, Stereo [PPT] [PDF] S11
Oct 9 (Tuesday) Structure from Motion [PPT] [PDF] S7
Grouping and Segmentation
Oct 11 (Thursday) Clustering and Image Segmentation [PPT] [PDF] S5.2-5.4
Oct 16 (Tuesday) EM Algorithm, Mixture of Gaussians [PPT] [PDF]
Oct 18 (Thursday) MRFs and Graph Cut [PPT] [PDF] HW 3 due Wed
Recognition and learning
Oct 23 (Tuesday) Categorization and Classifiers [PPT] [PDF]
Oct 25 (Thursday) Foundations of Deep Learning [Neural Networks (Hugo Larochelle)]
Oct 30 (Tuesday) Convolutional Neural Networks [PPT] [PDF] Final Project Proposal due Mon
Nov 1 (Thursday) Object Detection [PPT] [PDF] [Generalized-RCNN (Ross Girshick)] HW 4 due Wed
Nov 6 (Tuesday) Part and Pixel Labeling [PPT] [PDF]
Nov 8 (Thursday) Object Tracking [PPT] [PDF] S5.1.2, 4.1.4
Advanced Topics
Nov 13 (Tuesday) Action Recognition [PPT] HW 5 due Mon
Nov 15 (Thursday) 3D Scenes and Context [PPT]
Nov 20, 22 No class (Happy Thanksgiving!)
Nov 27 (Tuesday) Vision and Language [PPT]
Nov 29 (Thursday) Class Summary and Important Open Problems [PPT]
Dec 4 (Tuesday) Final Project Presentation [PPT] [PDF]
Dec 10 (Monday) Final project website due Mon


The lecture slides build upon many preceding efforts by other instructors, including Derek Hoiem (UIUC), James Hays (Georgia Tech), Steve Seitz (UW), Kristen Grauman (UT Austin), and Devi Parikh (Georgia Tech). Feel free to use and modify any of the slides for academic and research purposes. Please do credit the original sources where appropriate