Soldering Electronic Prototypes (for fun and profit)

AMP Lab Updated 21 August 2012
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Intellectual Property Disclosure
Soldering Electronic Prototypes (for fun and profit), copyright 2009, by Bob Lineberry
available here:
This production is the property of Virginia Tech.
It may only be used for educational purposes and may not be sold.

Disclaimer: Watching these videos does not constitute a complete course in soldering safety. The online exam, followed by a supervised hands-on practical are necessary components to insure that users have sufficient skills to begin soldering. It is always a good idea to have another person in a lab with you to call for help if the need arises.

Restriction: Soldering certification is available for all ECE students, faculty and staff through the AMP Lab.

1. Install Quicktime
2. Watch all the videos
3. Score at least 80% correct on the Soldering Video Comprehension Exam posted on Scholar.
4. Take the hands-on soldering certification exam. See AMP Lab for details.

File Size
Introduction Feedback: Introduction
Secret quiz answers embedded.
03:16:26 80.7 MB
OSHA Feedback: OSHA
Occupational Safety & Health Administration; Virginia Tech Environmental; Health and Safety Services; VT policy 1005.
01:14:04 10.5 MB
Safety Feedback: Safety
Safety glasses; protective clothing; burns; HEPA filter; hand washing; fire extinguisher.
02:59:04 46.2 MB
MSDS Feedback: MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet; safe handling, use, and disposal of solder. Primary personal hazard secret answer.
03:19:21 24.6 MB
Parts Feedback: Parts
Burning up parts; reading datasheets; component sizes and shapes; reliable connectors; board population.
04:22:13 57.0 MB
Tools Feedback: Tools
Wetting soldering sponge; soldering iron care; changing tips; Panavise; magnifying lamp; flux is magic; anti-static mat and wrist strap.
07:12:19 158 MB
Basics Feedback: Basics
Tip; down-the-hole; volcano; 3 seconds and off.
08:12:17 193 MB
Techniques Feedback: Techniques
Why breadboard? Messy SMD-s; heat transfer; holding solder; ground planes; thick leads; correcting solder joints; reflow; mounting components; one corner pin; connectors; solder balls; bending leads; removing solder; replacing components.
22:29:12 604 MB
Preferable Feedback: Preferable
NASA Workmanship Standards; smooth, concave fillet covers lead and pad; good volcano on both sides of the board.
02:38:25 35.2 MB
Defects Feedback: Defects
NASA Workmanship Standards; damaged trace; broken component; incorrect component mounting; insufficient solder; solder ball; solder bridge; cold solder joint; solder crack; lead shorts trace; SMD alignment; SMD solder qualities.
03:13:06 39.8 MB