Daniel Jakubisin

Portrait of Daniel Jakubisin 

Daniel J. Jakubisin
Research Assistant Professor

Hume Center for National Security and Technology
Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, by courtesy
Virginia Tech

E-mail: djj@vt.edu


My research interests include communications receiver design, statistical signal processing, and machine learning. I am applying probabilistic graphical models to address problems of synchronization and detection in interference. I am specifically interested in understanding the value of iterative probabilistic programming for communications receivers.

Recent News

  • February 2024 | PhD Defense | Taiwo Oyedare successfully defended his PhD dissertation!

  • January 2024 | Paper Acceptance | We received two paper accpetances at ICC 2024 for our papers Bit Error Rate Analysis for 5G New Radio Interface Augmented by a Spread Spectrum Underlay and Linear Jamming Bandits: Learning to Jam OFDM-Modulated Signals. Congrats Kumar and Zach!

  • November 2023 | Best Paper Award Finalist | Our paper Underlay-based 5G Sidelink with Co-channel Interference Cancellation received a nomination for best paper award at IEEE MILCOM 2023. Congrats Hanchao!


Research Interests

  • Wireless communications

  • Probabilistic graphical models

  • Message passing algorithms

  • Machine learning