2017: I'll be spending the summer at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) working with Anitha Kannan.
2017: Our paper on computational humor, "Punny Captions: Witty Wordplay in Image Descriptions" is on arXiv!
2017: Our paper about human-AI teams, "It Takes Two to Tango: Towards Theory of AI’s Mind" is on arXiv!

Latest manuscripts

Punny Captions: Witty Wordplay in Image Descriptions

A. Chandrasekaran, D. Parikh, M. Bansal

It Takes Two to Tango: Towards Theory of AI’s Mind

A. Chandrasekaran*, D. Yadav*, P. Chattopadhyay*, V. Prabhu*, D. Parikh
*Equal contribution


Sort Story: Sorting Jumbled Images and Captions into Stories

H. Agrawal*, A. Chandrasekaran*, D. Batra, D. Parikh, M. Bansal
*Equal contribution

EMNLP 2016

We Are Humor Beings: Understanding and Predicting Visual Humor

A. Chandrasekaran, A. Kalyan, S. Antol, M. Bansal, D. Batra, C. L. Zitnick, and D. Parikh

Spotlight at CVPR 2016


Media Coverage


About me

I am a 3rd year PhD student advised by Devi Parikh in the School of Interactive Computing within the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I spent my first 2.5 years of Grad School at Virginia Tech. Following my advisor's move, I started at Georgia Tech in Spring 2017. My general fields of interest are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial intelligence. I mostly work on problems at the intersection of language and vision. My research focus is on making human-AI interaction more natural and efficient. I spent last summer at Toyota Technological Institute in Chicago (TTIC) where I worked with Prof. Mohit Bansal on learning temporal common sense in stories.


I enjoy watching movies, and reading. During undergrad, I acted professionally as part of a theater troupe. Later, my curiosity in music led me to work at a music school/musical instrument store where I sold musical instruments and helped teach people play the guitar. I played volleyball at the district-level at some point and continue to enjoy playing the sport.


I played "Geoff" in "Blackened Petals" as part of AAKT, a professional theater troupe . Some media coverage -- here and here). I also played a fairly passionate teacher in a short film "Ninade Deshavu" which had premiere airing on television on the Indian Independence Day.


I taught English, Math and Social Science as an 'Ed Support' volunteer in a non-profit organization MAD (Make a Difference) that focuses on providing support systems for at-risk children. One of most exciting things about MAD is "Dream camp", a once-a-year 3 day outing with the kids. Watch the video here!

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