Anshuman Verma

Synergy I was a M.S. student in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Virginia Tech from Jan, 2015 to May, 2017. Post graduation, I have moved to Redmond, WA where I work for Microsoft designing and researching next-generation SmartNICs for the Azure cloud that provide the lowest latency and the highest throughput between virtual machines.

During my Master's, I was associated with Synergy lab where I was working under Prof. Wu-chun Feng. I work on, and enjoy, end-to-end system designs ecompassing system architecture, micro-architecture, and the software interface. My research interests are computer architecture, computer networking, and reconfigurable computing.

In past, I have also worked as a design engineer for Broadcom (formerly LSI) and Analog Devices in Bangalore,India on application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for networking and storage applications, and Blackfin DSPs. Prior to this, I completed my undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India .